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Three ways continuing education helps real estate professionals

How do you complete your continuing professional development (CPD) credits? Thanks to remote learning methods, there are more options than ever before.

Attending a CPD session can sometimes feel like just fulfilling an obligation. But it can be so much more. The real rewards go far beyond the credits it gives you:

1. It helps you stay current more easily

Regulations change, new products and processes emerge, and many real estate professionals are mandated to stay on top of them.

The advantage to staying current with CPD sessions is that the work of researching and parsing the new information has been done for you. You can spend your time focused on getting up to date, clearing up valuable time for your business.

2. It lets you re-examine your process

Even tips that you don’t end up applying can still help you and your business. They’re a chance to look at the way you do things and to challenge the way you think.

By considering the speaker’s advice, you’re comparing it to your own processes and evaluating them in a fresh light. If a process doesn’t hold up, you’ve got a ready alternative. If it does hold up, you’ve validated it and can feel more confident in that process.

3. It can make you more adaptable

The real estate industry is always changing, and the businesses and professionals who adapt are the ones who thrive.

Just the act of attending a session on a topic outside your comfort zone can expand your horizons and help you act more flexibly in your business. It’s an investment in your expertise and ability to meet every challenge.

Did you know that there are free accredited CPD sessions for real estate professionals?

At FCT, we’re invested in our customers, which is why we offer CPD credits online. Our Speaker Series webinars cover a wide variety of topics in the real estate industry.

Here are just some of the topics we’ve covered recently:

  • Fighting fraud with the experts
  • Commercial loan coverage
  • Growing your business with social media
  • Legal services coverage
  • Navigating super priority liens
  • How to protect your business from phishing attacks

Why get your CPD credits from FCT?

CPD credits can be expensive to earn. Our webinars are free, insightful, and feature subject matter experts from FCT and across the industry.

Attending the live sessions is the best way to get an in-depth learning experience. Q&As at the end of every webinar let you dive into each topic, and you’ll get any of your outstanding questions answered by email. We solicit and learn from feedback to make sure each session we host is better than the last.

CPD requirements vary by province and profession. Legal professionals can earn CPD credits for either live or recorded sessions, depending on the requirements of each law society.

Mortgage professionals can receive Continuing Education (CE) credits through Mortgage Professionals Canada for live sessions only.

Access FCT’s on-demand webinars for free and keep your business current and adaptable.



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