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When it comes to coverage, you and your customers need protection that’s customized to each individual situation—the type of enhanced protection you can only get with a title insurance policy from FCT.

Residential title insurance

Protect your customers.

Your customers trust you to protect their interests. Title insurance from FCT will help you offer them peace of mind, while helping you close the deal more efficiently and hassle free.

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Get more coverage on your FCT title insurance policies by pre-selecting available endorsements.

Commercial title insurance

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Your commercial transactions are uniqueso are our policies. Visit our commercial title insurance page or contact a representative for more information on a custom title insurance policy. 

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For information on FCT’s products and services or if you have any questions on a deal in flight, please contact our dedicated team.

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We’re here to support your growth by providing you with more than a policy. When you choose FCT, you get more protection, more solutions and more experience.

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Your customers deserve the best protection, and so do you. From introducing title insurance to Canada, to leading the way with new coverage and additional E&O insurance, we've got you covered.

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We could all use a little more time in our day. That’s why we’re constantly innovating to provide legal professionals the best integrations and processing solutions for a hassle-free and time-saving experience.

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More experience

Our knowledgeable underwriting team, including the only certified fraud examiner in the title insurance industry, provides an added layer of protection by detecting and deterring potentially fraudulent transactions early.

Title insurance protects your customers

Make sure your residential and commercial customers are protected against these common issues and more:


Title fraud can cause your customers profound emotional and financial stress. Our underwriters are dedicated to identifying potential title fraud and protecting property owners from fraudsters before it becomes a life-altering problem.

Title defects

Our wealth of knowledge allows us to be flexible and offer coverage for a wide array of title defects, such as charges or liens that could affect the title to your customer’s property.

Municipal issues

Title insurance from FCT can cover the costs to correct pre-existing issues such as errors in public records, errors in government responses, and non-compliance with municipal agreements.

Claim story

$103,729.43 paid

Nature of claim: title fraud

When an Ontario condo owner was trying to sell her property, she discovered a second mortgage on its title that she had never taken out. The sale was threatening to fall through, thanks to a fraudulent $100,000 loan. But fortunately, when she had first purchased the condo years prior, she had also purchased a title insurance policy from FCT.

Once the lender knew that we were looking into the case, they were happy to let the sale close on time, with a holdback. Once we determined that fraud had occurred, we compensated the lender for the full amount of the mortgage holdback, plus interest, for a total of $103,729.43.


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