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Our residential and commercial loan title insurance policies ensure your assets and reputation are protected.

Title insurance from FCT:
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Boost your confidence in the mortgages you’re financing, with title insurance. It helps protect your organization from financial losses related to fraud and forgery, construction liens, outstanding taxes or other claims related to title, which could impact the priority and enforceability of a mortgage.

When you choose title insurance from FCT, you’re backed by the industry leader for claims resolution. We have dedicated fraud examiners on staff to help detect fraud before it happens.

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Residential title insurance policy for lending professionals

Let us help protect your residential transactions.

Your organization’s reputation and assets are on the line with every residential mortgage you issue. We can help you reduce those risks. Residential title insurance guards against claims that challenge the lender’s interest in the title. 

For a low one-time premium, paid for by the borrower, we’ll cover you for as long as the mortgage remains registered against title. Here are some of the benefits of residential title insurance policies:


  • Protects lenders against actual loss as a result of unknown defects in title, fraud or matters that would have been revealed by an up-to-date survey, real property report or certificate of location.
  • Ensures lenders don’t face losses associated with the priority, validity and unenforceability of a residential mortgage.
  • Lenders and mortgage professionals can close deals faster, more securely, and at a lower cost knowing that they’re protected against issues that may come up during the registration “gap” period.

Commercial title insurance policy for lending professionals

Comprehensive coverage for your commercial transactions.

Commercial title insurance reduces the need for costly searches, allowing transactions to close in days, instead of weeks. FCT offers customized underwriting and select coverage on known defect issues to ensure deals stay on track.

A one-time premium, paid for by the borrower, insures you against covered risks until the mortgage is fully discharged from the title. Commercial title insurance from FCT also offers the following benefits: 


  • Provides the most comprehensive coverage in the industry with a wide range of covered risks for lenders.
  • Simplifies the commercial lending process, while reducing your liability and exposure through no-fault coverage.   
  • Gives you confidence that if a loss occurs, your claim will be resolved quickly and to your satisfaction.
  • The financial security of being backed by both First American Title Insurance Company and FCT Insurance Company Ltd.

Why FCT?

When you work with us, you get more than a policy. Get the benefit of more protection, more experience and more solutions.

Industry expertise

Your clients count on you. You can count on us. We were the first to bring title insurance to Canada and continue to innovate in the real estate industry, with new products and digital solutions.

Superior underwriting

Our experienced underwriting team provides you with an added layer of protection by detecting and deterring potentially fraudulent transactions.

Regional focus, national coverage

Strong communities are built on strong relationships. That’s why we have operational centres and a sales team across Canada to provide you with regional, focused support.

Ordering options

When it comes to ordering title insurance, you have choices. You can order through a legal professional, or online through your residential lending solutions portal.

More solutions

Life's complicated enough. Let us help simplify things with our suite of solutions.

We've developed innovative solutions to help streamline the lending process and create a more hassle-free experience. Our online document management services, enhanced communication solutions, electronic funding transfers, and one-stop solutions for refinancing are all built for lending professionals. We continue to innovate for you. 

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