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Client ID Verification

A digital approach to identity verification.

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Manage all your Client ID Verification requests online. Login using your FCT credentials to request and download ID verification summary reports in one convenient location.

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Verify your customers' identity with confidence

FCT is proud to work with Bluink to offer you a safe and secure ID verification solution when you need it the most. Built to meet the stringent Canadian ID verification standards, the advanced technology provides you the ability to achieve consistent authentication of your customers’ identity documents in person or virtually. The verification is completed in minutes through a secure mobile application.
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If you’re already an FCT customer, you can start ordering today using your existing credentials. It’s that simple!

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Verify your customers earlier

Streamline your processes and save time by getting your customers' ID verified as soon as you start working on their file.

An end-to-end solution

Manage all your Client ID Verification requests in one convenient location through FCT’s ID verification portal. If you have online credentials with FCT, you can start using this service immediately.

Quick and simple

Your customers can easily verify their ID and authenticate identity documents directly on their smartphone, in minutes.

Secure digital wallet

Verified customers retain their verified ID in a digital wallet directly on their mobile device for instant verification and quick access to other government, financial, and other ID-enabled services for up to five years.

Trusted ID verification checks

Bluink’s eID-Me mobile application uses biometric face match technology and assesses government-issued ID, including a passport issued by other countries, to check against a multitude of compliance datapoints including credit bureau and mobile device account verification.

Client ID Verification FAQ


eID-Me Digital ID (eID-Me) is a smartphone application created and owned by Bluink, and used to verify and authenticate personal identity and identity documents.

No, eID-Me can only be accessed on a mobile phone.

No. We wanted to give you more flexibility by giving you the option to place your request for ID verification in conjunction with a title insurance policy order, or without; the choice is yours.

Yes, a Canadian ID is needed as a primary document. However, a passport from a foreign country may be used as a secondary document. The following documents are accepted to process the verification:

  • Driver's license, photo ID card or service card issued anywhere in Canada
  • Chip-activated passports issued from the following countries: Canada, USA, France, China, United Kingdom, Malaysia, Morocco, Japan and India
  • Secondary government-issued identity documents include a Canadian permanent resident card, secure certificate of Indian status, FAST and NEXUS cards

Once an eID-Me ID is issued to the smartphone, your customer will always be notified of what information is being requested, and by whom, during a transaction. No information is released unless your customer approves the release. If your customer consents to release information, it will be sent to the requesting third party through the eID-Me identity service. A local, encrypted, record of the transaction is retained within the eID-Me smartphone app for your customer's convenience, which can be erased or disabled at any time. The information your customer releases to these third parties will be governed by their privacy policies and terms.

Invoices for Client ID Verification requests will be issued from FCT and available to download from the ID verification portal. The fees will automatically be added to your FCT account statement.

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To learn more about FCT's Client ID Verification and how it can help you, contact our support team toll free at 1.833.672.0151 or send us an email.

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