A revolutionary approach to valuations in Canada

Our innovative approach to property valuations provides you the fastest, lowest risk, and most cost-effective appraisal.

A property valuation you can trust

We've modernized the appraisal management process with a suite of products and services capable of producing insured appraisals in as little as 4 seconds. Our cascading approach ensures requests flow seamlessly to the next stage when required. 

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A seamless solution with reliable results

Each of our appraisal methods includes an exclusive valuation insurance policy.

Automated appraisal

An innovative, digital approach to property appraisals. Receive an insured appraisal in as little as 4 seconds, our automated appraisal provides an instant market valuation based on property attributes and comprehensive data integrations.

Flex appraisal

A comprehensive solution that combines the best elements of valuation technology and the expertise of a certified appraiser for a cost-effective and accurate appraisal. Receive an insured valuation in less than 4 hours!

Traditional appraisal

This conventional method for property appraisals provides an insured valuation based on measurements, interior and exterior inspection, photos, and reliable third-party sources. Receive an insured valuation you can rely on.

Ready to maximize your property valuations?

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Unlock the benefits of our one of a kind approach to assessing property value.

Greater efficiency

Get the appraisal that best suits your needs. We automatically determine the most efficient appraisal method for every property.

Industry-leading technology

We combine data from multiple sources to offer accurate, reliable results.

Unique protection

By including property value indemnity insurance with each appraisal, we help reduce associated risk.

Fast results

Receive results in as little as 4 seconds instead of waiting days or weeks for an appraisal.