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Seamless statement and discharge management

It’s time to simplify your payout statement requests and discharge registration process.

Your time is valuable, so let us keep your statement requests organized—we’ll even register the discharge

A simple solution designed to eliminate the hassle of managing multiple channels for your statement requests.

Our team of experts created this streamlined system to ensure lending professionals have one point of reference for incoming payout statement requests, allowing you to keep track of deals right through to discharge.

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Your dedicated team

For information on FCT’s products and services or if you have any questions on a deal in flight, please contact our dedicated team.

Why FCT?

For years, lending professionals have trusted us to provide reliable, innovative mortgage processing solutions. Our payout and discharge services solution delivers you valuable advantages: 


Our easy-to-navigate system was designed with users in mind. The platform features all the details you need, organized in a simple, straightforward layout.


Ensure important documents and data are protected by uploading to our secure platform.


Find what you need, when you need it. With our streamlined system you can always check the status of requests and keep record of completed requests and discharges.


Have confidence that your payout statement requests and discharge processing needs are in the hands of industry experts.

Talk to us to learn more.

To learn how FCT can help you, or if you have questions, contact our team.

How it works

When you choose to partner with us, you’ll be able to:

  • Receive payout statement requests and all required documents in one organized location
  • Track your requests as they move throughout the process
  • Assign work using workflow-enabled tools
  • Receive confirmation documentation once the discharge has been registered
  • Keep track of completed requests
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