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One small omission can cost you thousands. Protect yourself.


When Andrew Carter* completed the sale of his client’s house, he was ready to move on to the next file. As an experienced real estate lawyer in Saskatchewan, Andrew had done numerous deals in the area, and this one had gone as smoothly as any of the others. But this time, Andrew had missed a single step in the transaction that was about to cost him thousands.

As part of closing the deal, he was supposed to pay the house’s property taxes for the previous year out of the sale proceeds. He hadn’t. When he had to pay those taxes out of his own account, he went to his clients for reimbursement, but they didn’t see it his way. They had received the sale proceeds and as far as they were concerned, that was their money—Andrew was now out $4,313.43 just for missing one detail on a transaction.

But Andrew has an E&O Complete policy with FCT. He reached out and we issued a cheque for the full amount, putting a quick, happy end to his troubles.

One key advantage of E&O Complete is its focus on direct, hassle-free coverage. Your E&O Complete policy automatically protects every transaction you title insure with us, even sale transactions, like Andrew’s.

For a low one-time payment, you’re covered for the year for three (3) claims or $10,000, whichever arrives first, letting you close every file with confidence. Best of all, claims won’t affect the premiums on your mandated errors and omissions insurance.

It’s human to sometimes make a mistake, no matter how experienced you are. When that happens, don’t let it cost you—get the protection of E&O Complete from FCT.



* Name changed to protect the privacy of the insured

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