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Meet some of FCT’s 2022 summer students

What was the best summer job you ever had? At FCT, we believe in supporting youth, which is why our summer student program is so important to us. We want students to have the opportunity to experience a professional environment where their work matters and they can make a real impact.

This year, we have 75 students working with us in our offices across Canada. These are just some of the amazing people here this summer:

Michaelle Bibeau, Moncton

Michaelle Bibeau, Moncton

Michaelle has a keen interest in identifying and preventing fraud, which she’s learning more about as she supports our residential team. She is a criminology student at Université de Moncton with a minor in psychology. Michaelle enjoys detail-oriented work, and takes pride in improving her process whenever she can.

She’s looking for a way to use her degree to help people, and gravitated to FCT in part because of the chance to work with legal professionals before graduating.

“I’ve worked in campgrounds and all the summer jobs you can imagine. I wanted a more serious job because I’m graduating soon. I have friends who’ve worked here and they always said good things about FCT, that it’s a great job and the culture’s really good.

“It’s been fascinating to learn everything that goes into closing on a home—how the insurance and banks and lawyers all come together. Seeing the big picture has given me an appreciation for that process.”

Andrew Phan, Oakville

Andrew Phan, Oakville

Andrew wants to start his own business, and takes every opportunity to learn more and set himself up before he does. He’s currently completing a business administration degree at Wilfrid Laurier University.

Andrew supports the underwriting team in Ontario, helping FCT coordinate with municipalities. He was looking for an opportunity to grow his understanding of business by learning how to navigate a professional environment.

“I looked at FCT and their corporate social responsibilities, how they’re committed to sustainability and helping their communities. I thought this was an amazing company to learn from and see how good business works firsthand.

“I have a great supervisor who gave me the confidence to work on my own, and I’m enjoying every day. It’s rewarding because I feel like I’m helping my team, and that I’m a real part of the company. I like that I’m actually fulfilling a purpose on the team. That means a lot to me.”

Kathy Thompson, Calgary

Kathy Thompson, Calgary

Kathy has a passion for Indigenous peoples’ and women’s rights. To put it into action, she’s just finished her bachelor’s degree in psychology, and will start law school this fall with a focus on civil rights. She saw a summer job with FCT as a way to prepare herself for the world of law.

“Something I’ve really appreciated about FCT is the culture here. Based on my past experiences, I came into this role nervous about getting in trouble if I made a mistake. But there’s an understanding that there’s a learning curve, and that we learn from missteps and move on stronger.

“I’ve also learned a lot about the mortgage process. It’s not something you think about until you work in this space, but you don’t just sign a mortgage and that’s the end of it. In school, we aren’t taught about how to get a mortgage or secure a loan, so getting an insider look at that has been eye-opening.”

Jean-Sébastien Willis, St. Laurent

Jean-Sébastien Willis, St. Laurent

Jean-Sébastien wants to be an elementary school teacher, and loves when he also learns from the kids he works with. He’s almost done his bachelor’s of education at Université de Sherbrooke.

Jean-Sébastien supports FCT’s residential team by coordinating with notaries. He wanted a summer job that would offer him something different than he was used to.

“It’s taught me a lot about interacting with people in a business setting. That’s not something that was ever in my background, so I was nervous at first. I thought notaries would get tired of hearing me call again and again about their deals. But the notaries we work with are fantastic. They’re always so nice, and eager to get deals right.

“FCT has such a welcoming team, and I’ve loved working with everyone I’ve met here. They value building relationships with the team and with customers, and it’s been great being a part of that. This is the best student job I’ve had.”

Thank you to Michaelle, Andrew, Kathy, Jean- Sébastien, and the rest of the summer students here with us this year. Find out how you can join the great team at FCT.



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