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Can you buy an illegal property without knowing it?


When Juleen Kaur* bought a rooming house in Winnipeg, it seemed like a sound investment. But when she went to renew the rooming house’s license, she was surprised to learn the building violated the city’s zoning by-laws. Her new investment was facing demolition because of an error made years prior.

Almost ten years before Juleen purchased the property, the City had passed a variance order allowing the property to be used as a rooming house. But one of the terms of the variance was that it would be terminated when the property was sold. That meant after changing hands, the property could no longer be used as a rooming house.

When the previous owner sold the property, the City never enforced the zoning violation. Because of that, the new owner never learned that the permitted use of the property had automatically changed. When they sold the property to Juleen, they presented it as a legitimate investment property that just needed its license renewed.

But after Juleen took possession, the City issued a zoning by-law infraction threatening legal action if she failed to comply. Facing tens of thousands in losses, Juleen reached out to FCT.

We helped Juleen through this difficult situation. This included getting quotes for the demolition and removal of the structure. We also had the building appraised to determine its value. A $99,270 settlement covered all costs of removing the building as well as compensating Juleen for her loss.


Why is commercial title insurance so important?

Stories like Juleen’s show why commercial title insurance is an essential part of securing any property. For a one-time premium, commercial buyers and lenders can rest easy knowing their investments are protected. Protect yourself for as long as you own the property with a commercial title insurance policy from FCT.



* Name changed to protect the privacy of the insured

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