Coffee Break with Marie Taylor - FCT

Marie Taylor has been an integral part of  FCT for almost eighteen years. In fact, having Marie on the FCT team gives us the enviable edge of being the only title insurer in Canada to have a Certified Fraud Examiner on staff. She is a sought-after subject matter expert specializing in residential title insurance and the effects of fraud on the title insurance industry in Canada. She routinely travels across the country to speak on fraud and was the keynote speaker on title fraud for the accredited FCT Seminar Series. Marie shares her knowledge with lenders and lawyers so that they can more readily spot red flags and suspicious indicators in real estate transactions in order to detect and prevent fraud.

When did you start working at FCT?

I started working as a residential underwriter in June of 2002.  I have held various roles, all within the underwriting departments at FCT.

What does your role look like on a daily basis?   

As part of the corporate underwriting/legal team, I provide direction and guidance to the underwriting teams and agency offices.  I provide input to the development of residential underwriting product policies, processes and guidelines from a risk perspective. I am a certified fraud examiner and as a subject matter expert, I am often called upon to provide input in transactions that appear to be of a higher risk of fraud.

How did you get started on your career path?

I worked for many years as a real estate law clerk in high volume residential law firms.  With the introduction of title insurance in Canada, I knew a career in this industry would be a natural fit for me.  Having a career that allows me to analyze complex situations and find creative solutions for our customers gives me a great sense of self-satisfaction.

Which accomplishment at FCT are you most proud of?  

There are many, but if I have to name one, I think getting my designation as a Certified Fraud Examiner has been one of the accomplishments that I am most proud of.  I love the fact that I can share what I have learned and continue to learn, with my colleagues, customers, business partners and industry professionals.

What are you most excited to work on?

Difficult question—every day is different at FCT and brings interesting and new challenges that I am excited about.  I love being able to help our customers find a solution that allows them to close their transactions on time.  FCT is presently undertaking many new initiatives as you may have already heard and will continue to hear about and I am excited to be part of an organization that is customer-focused and always evolving.


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