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How an Alberta retirement home avoided costly construction


A retirement home just northwest of Edmonton, Alberta got a notice from the City that their facility was encroaching in two different places over or on a utility easement. Everything looked fine before purchasing—after all, the sign and retaining wall the City had a problem with were already on the property. The retirement home now had to seek compliance to let the encroachments stay, or face the removal of both structures. But they had another option.

The retirement home had a commercial title insurance policy from FCT, so they contacted us immediately. Because their policy had coverage, we took responsibility for resolving the issue for them. While removing the structures in question was one solution it would involve lengthy and disruptive construction.  To avoid that, we retained legal counsel to get the new development permits and an encroachment agreement that would let the structures stay. We covered the total cost of $5,626.78, and the retirement home got back to caring for its residents without missing a step.

What are the problems with easements?

A utility easement is a legal agreement that grants a utility company the right to access a private property to perform needed work or improvements. They’re a benefit to the public, but can be inconvenient for property owners. That’s especially true when it comes to encroachment issues.

Easements may not be obvious because they usually look like just another part of the property. They can also last forever. Because of this, many owners end up unknowingly building or inheriting improvements that the City can later challenge if they interfere with access to the easement.

Encroachment issues, especially around easements, come up often in commercial real estate. This is just one of many risks a commercial title insurance policy can cover. Learn more about why your clients need commercial title insurance on every deal.

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