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Three changes to make for a successful 2024


If you’re a real estate professional, you know that change is coming: as more buyers and sellers adapt to the new reality of higher-for-longer interest rates, volumes look primed to rise, even before rates potentially come down again. Is your business positioned to take full advantage of the market’s recovery?

When you choose FCT, transactions become more efficient, more convenient and more secure. Here are just some of the ways FCT can help you make the most of 2024’s opportunities:


Work smarter on deals, not harder

You already know that title insurance from FCT offers essential protection for property owners and lenders. But it also helps transactions move forward more efficiently: FCT can assume certain known risks on deals, which lets the other parties move forward with confidence.

When it comes to commercial clients, not closing on time simply isn’t an option. Commercial title insurance reduces the number of costly searches needed to meet buyer and lender requirements and get deals closed. Using title insurance on every commercial transaction helps you keep deals’ momentum up, and carrying costs down.


Stay ahead of KYC requirements and customer expectations

FCT can help you stand out from the competition by enhancing your customer experience. Onboard new customers quickly and easily with Client ID Verification—verify identifying documents in minutes with a secure, no-password-required app.

Unfortunately, the rise in title fraud has shown that not every customer is who they say they are. But Client ID Verification lets you stay ahead of the fraudsters, even as volumes rise.

Have questions about how digital ID verification works, or what your customers should expect? Check out our Client ID Verification FAQ.


Protect your customers, and yourself

Title insurance can protect your clients for as long as they have an interest in the property. Its coverage can even be passed on to their heir(s), protecting generations with one small purchase. Some of the risks title insurance covers, like title fraud, are a possibility for every property, which is why it’s important to title insure every deal.

Your clients’ title insurance policies also help protect you, as well. That’s because every deal you title insure with FCT includes errors and omissions coverage at no cost to you—all you need to do is register for E&O Extra, and it’s free. If you ever need to make a claim to your mandatory errors and omissions insurer, E&O Extra covers the deductible and premium increase.


Get protection for the whole year, now

Real estate makes up more errors and omissions claims than any other area of practice, but very few of those claims are due to errors of law—they typically stem from a miscommunication, typo or missing document.

That’s why FCT developed E&O Complete. For a low annual premium, you can make up to three claims per calendar year directly to FCT for issues relating to purchase, refinance or sale transactions.* The error doesn’t need to have resulted in legal action for E&O Complete coverage to apply—it’s designed to help solve small issues before they become big problems.

Your E&O Complete coverage is based on the calendar year, so now’s the best time to sign up and get protected for all of 2024.

No matter what this year throws at you, FCT is there to help.



*E&O Complete offers coverage for up to three claims per year and $10,000 in coverage, with a $90,000 lifetime limit.

Insurance by FCT Insurance Company Ltd., with the exception of commercial policies. Subject to certain exceptions, commercial title insurance policies equal or below $10M CAD are provided by FCT Insurance Company Ltd. Commercial title insurance policies above $10M CAD are provided by First American Title Insurance Company. Services by First Canadian Title Company Limited. The services company does not provide insurance products. This material is intended to provide general information only. For specific coverage and exclusions, refer to the applicable policy. Copies are available upon request. Some products/services may vary by province. Prices and products/services offered are subject to change without notice.

®Registered Trademark of First American Financial Corporation. 

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