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How much do you really know about your house?


Trent Dawson* applied for a permit to extend the deck off the back of his house. When the city reviewed his application, they discovered that the previous homeowner had built the existing porch, deck, and the room in the attic without getting permits.

Trent was shocked when he received an Order to Comply from the municipality requiring him to remove or remedy all the structures built without permits. While he had planned for the cost of extending the deck, he wasn’t expecting all the additional expenses. Fortunately, Trent had a homeowner title insurance policy from FCT. We took on the financial burden and paid out over $26,000 for him to get the necessary work completed.

What is title insurance?

It’s a unique type of insurance that protects you, the homeowner, against challenges to your title (ownership), fraud and other issues related to the title of your property, such as survey or zoning errors. It also covers the cost of fixing any issues like lack of building permits and encroachments, as well as legally defending your ownership in court. A low one-time premium can end up saving you thousands of dollars in the future!

While lenders usually require a title insurance policy on their mortgages, the lender policy does not cover homeowners. You can buy a homeowner policy through your lawyer or notary at the time of purchase or even if you’ve owned your home for years.

If you’re not sure that you’re protected with a homeowner’s title insurance policy, read our blog, How do I know if I have title insurance?

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*name changed to protect privacy

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