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Coffee break with Mark Page

Introducing Mark Page,  Mark has practiced corporate and commercial law in Australia, the United Kingdom and Canada. He has worked for several global firms and multi-national organizations throughout his career. He started at FCT as an Underwriting lawyer then Senior Legal Counsel and Chief Privacy Officer and eventually transitioning to his current role as Director, Claims and Recoveries.

When did you start at FCT?

I started at FCT in August 2004.

How did you get on your career path?

I have a background in law, having practiced (both in private practice and in-house) in Australia, the UK and here in Canada.  I joined FCT as an underwriting lawyer and then took on other ‘legal’ roles, including Senior Corporate Counsel and Chief Privacy Officer before being asked to switch into business-related roles at the end of 2013.  In late 2017, I was asked to lead the Claims and Recoveries team.

What is your daily role at FCT?

I spend most of my day hoping I can provide some value to my team.  I have in place a great team who really go about their business each and every day to ensure we deliver an exceptional customer experience.  I support their efforts by creating an environment whereby they are able to do amazing work, delivered on time so as to serve and support the growth of FCT’s business.

Which accomplishment at FCT are you most proud of?

Moving through different roles during my time at FCT has been very satisfying and has provided me with opportunities to see the business through many different lenses. I have been able to contribute in a meaningful manner to the overall business strategies on a year-to-year basis and to develop relationships with many talented and passionate people.  But above all, I am most proud of leading my current team of dedicated claims and recoveries staff through a transformation that has and continues to involve people, processes and technology.  Through it all, they have continued to remain laser-focused on customer-centricity despite the many challenges thrown their way.

What are you most excited to work on?

I enjoy looking at an issue or problem and figuring out strategies to solve it. I also get great satisfaction from creating an environment geared towards success—whether that be related to the functioning of a team of people, or the technological processes to enable better efficiency.  One of the more important aspects of my current role is figuring out the best methods for utilizing finite resources to support the strategies of FCT and help to grow our business.


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