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The Mental Cost Of Homelessness


At a time when home means so much more than four walls and a roof, how would you feel if you didn’t have a place to call home? What would that do to your mental state?

Mental health recognition takes place during the first week of May each year. It is focused on raising awareness of mental health across Canada. During this time we pause to consider the state of our own mental health and how it affects our overall well-being. We take stock of the factors that cause mental distress and the methods available for coping.

At FCT, mental health is important to us, especially as it impacts youth homelessness across Canada. We’re invested in our community by working with organizations to support youth who are experiencing homelessness with the basic necessities and resources needed to foster a safe and nurturing transition into the responsibilities of adulthood.

Nearly 40,000 youths are experiencing homelessness across Canada, and the impact it is having on their mental health is devastating. The bleak reality of homelessness often leads to feelings of marginalization which undermines confidence, resulting in hopelessness, increased suffering and even suicide.

The Loss of Hope

One of the greatest casualties of homelessness is hope.

We all need hope. It is especially critical for adolescents as they plan for their futures and learn how to cope with setbacks. It helps them face the often daunting task of creating stable identities as they transition to adulthood

Nearly fifty percent of homeless youth are classified as clinically depressed and four out of five have reported experiencing a mental health crisis. These numbers are very troubling and much help is needed to rescue these young people from a desolate future.

FCT continues to help fight the battle against youth homelessness. Through our partnership with organizations like Raising the Roof, and many others, we are helping to provide places where they can receive the care and safety they desperately need. All of us can make a difference by giving of our time and our resources to help bring hope and homes to youths in need.

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