Gap Coverage Extension


At FCT we are doing our part to alleviate some of the worries that come from delays or closure at land titles/registry offices by offering Extended Gap Coverage to legal professionals. This coverage is available to you for your commercial and residential transactions, at no additional cost.

Our purpose in doing this is to help minimize the impact to your businesses. In the event there is a disruption to provincial land titles/registry offices, we have streamlined the process so that you are free to advance mortgage funds without restrictive conditions and close your transactions despite the fact that closing documents are not registered on the same day.

FCT’s title insurance policy provides protection for any loss that results should a registration occur between the period that a title search is conducted and the closing documents are registered at the land titles/registry office.

Close with confidence

If you are unable to execute documents due to the closure of provincial offices, please don’t hesitate to contact our underwriting team, who are working diligently to help you close your deals.

Please feel free to reach out to us at the following toll-free numbers:

Residential title insurance: 1.866.804.3122

Commercial title insurance: 1.866.804.3112

Quebec title insurance 1.866.744.8962

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