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Every commercial property is different. You need coverage that can be adjusted to your needs.

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Our commercial solutions team has helped close more commercial deals in Canada than any other title insurer. You’ll receive advice and support from the most experienced and creative commercial underwriters in the business to help ensure your deals closes smoothly.

Commercial properties are complex and uniquewe’ll customize our policy coverage to the specific needs of your transaction.

With experience ranging from insuring traditional commercial and industrial properties to mixed-use developments, our expert underwriters can help you get the right coverage for your customers’ needs.

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Quicker closings

Title insurance reduces the number of searches and other required due diligence, speeding up the closing process and giving you a competitive advantage in a bidding scenario. 

More protection

Title insurance provides more protection than a legal opinion, including coverage for errors in responses from municipal building, fire or health departments pertaining to outstanding work orders or zoning issues, fraud and forgery, and CRA super priority liens.

Duty to defend

If the insured’s interest in the property is ever challenged due to a covered risk, we'll defend them and pay any associated costs, legal fees and expenses.

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Our experts can assist you with the complexities and customizations that come with certain commercial transactions. We take great pride in having the largest and most experienced underwriting team in Canada. FCT is uniquely capable of providing well-informed advice and underwriting expertise on even the most complex commercial real estate transactions.

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Multi-site transactions

We’ve insured many large-scale national and international multi-site transactions. Our industry-leading underwriting and expertise ensures multi-jurisdictional deals close smoothly and simultaneously.

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Construction loans

We provide lenders with the best construction loan protection in the industry. Our comprehensive coverage corresponds to the pace of development, moving all loan policy coverage forward with each advance made.

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Share purchase transactions

When a share purchase transaction includes real estate, the new shareholder benefits from the same title insurance coverage as if they had bought the real estate outright in an asset deal.

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Environment, Social and Governance (ESG) projects
As property owners continue to evaluate their assets, some may choose to diversify their portfolio and invest in sustainable projects such as wind farms or hydroelectric power dams. FCT plays an important role in ESG transactions by reducing risks and protecting investors and lenders with customized coverage on each transaction.

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Client ID Verification
Client ID Verification

ID verification enhances security and peace of mind when ordering commercial title insurance. We provide support for smooth and hassle-free completion.

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FCT Search Assist™

FCT Search Assist™ streamlines commercial real estate title searches. Our experts handle follow-up with authorities to ensure timely deal closure.

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Online billing activation

Manage your payments in a secure environment that’s simple to use. Activate your online billing account to access invoices and supporting documents. 

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Our comprehensive coverage

We make sure your customers’ interests are protected with comprehensive coverage. Some of the key issues covered under our policies include, but are not limited to:

Title defects

FCT insures against many unknown title risks, and can also provide coverage for known defects that may affect the title to your customers’ property. Our expert underwriting team provides creative solutions and customized policies to ensure your transactions close on time.

Survey issues

Title insurance regularly eliminates the need for an up-to-date survey, real property report or certificate of location, covering issues that could have been revealed had one been obtained. In cases where an existing survey of the property is available, we can provide coverage for loss resulting from any inaccuracy, providing cost savings, and speeding up the transaction with better protection.

Municipal issues

We offer coverage for a variety of municipal issues including errors in public records, errors in government responses, non-compliance with municipal agreements, and zoning by-law violations as well as work orders for lenders and more.

Registration gap

Our gap coverage protects against losses from third party registrations that may arise between the time documents are submitted for registration and when the registration is completed. This coverage is particularly helpful in jurisdictions with registration delays, and for multi-site or multi-jurisdictional closings. It allows purchasers to access their property quicker and provides lending professionals with the security to advance funds once the documents are executed, instead of waiting until they are registered or certified.

Fraud and forgery

While our underwriting process works to stop title fraud before it occurs, our title insurance policies protect both lenders and owners against fraudulent activity before the closing date, during the insured transaction, and after the transaction closes.

Duty to defend

If a matter covered under the policy is challenged, we assume the responsibility and costs of defending your customer’s title. Those defense costs won’t reduce the amount of insurance under the policy.

Subject to certain exceptions, commercial title insurance policies equal or below $10M CAD are provided by FCT Insurance Company Ltd. Commercial title insurance policies above $10M CAD are provided by First American Title Insurance Company. Reference should be made to policy documents to confirm the insurer on any individual transaction. Services by First Canadian Title Company Limited. The services company does not provide insurance products. This material is intended to provide general information only. For specific coverage and exclusions, refer to the applicable policy. Copies are available upon request. Some products/services may vary by province. Prices and products/services offered are subject to change without notice.


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