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Commercial and residential title insurance

Legal professionals, click here to order commercial or residential title insurance online using your FCT login ID and password. Ordering title insurance from us for the first time? Click Enrol Now to get started or call:

Commercial title insurance:
National orders
905.287.3112 / 1.866.804.3112
Quebec orders
514.744.8962 / 1.866.744.8962

Residential title insurance: 905.287.3122 / 1.866.804.3122 (excluding Quebec) Ordering title insurance from us in Quebec? Submit an order form by fax or email.


Residential lending solutions

Lending professionals, click here to access your online portal and process your refinancing deals. For more information on our lender suite of solutions, call us today at 1.866.465.9120.

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Lender Lawyer Connect

Legal professionals, click here to access your residential mortgage instructions and payout statements. Want to save time and enhance communications with your lenders? Login or call 1.877.929.0990.


Client ID Verification

FCT is proud to work with Bluink to offer you a safe and secure ID verification solution when you need it the most. Built to meet the stringent Canadian standards, the advanced technology provides you the ability to achieve consistent authentication of your clients’ identity documents in person or virtually, in minutes. Login or call us toll-free at 1.833.672.0151 for more information.

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Payout Services

To request, track and manage your payout statements, receive updates on related discharges and manage your disbursement transactions in real time please click login below.


Broker Tracker

Click here to track and manage real-time deal updates.