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Three essential things to look for in a title insurance provider


Since coming to Canada in the early 90s, title insurance has become a reliable source of security for more and more homeowners. As a legal professional, you have more options than ever when it comes to choosing a provider, but what should you prioritize?

The current market pressures legal professionals with record volumes and closing times, all while title fraud and identity theft grow in frequency and threat every month. Ensure faster, safer, smoother and more accurate deal closings on every file by looking for these three things from your title insurance provider:


A smooth process

Just one of the many reasons to use title insurance over writing a legal opinion is a faster, smoother road to closing each deal. Your time is valuable, and title insurance can be a tool to help meet deadlines and close deals faster, while also protecting your clients. Make sure to look for a provider who will underwrite the file fully in-house, selecting which endorsements will benefit your client and which aren’t needed.

Make sure your title insurance provider isn’t making more work for you or slowing down files. By choosing a provider with full in-house underwriting you can leave that file with them confidently and get to the next file—saving time and closing smoothly with every deal.


A focus on fraud prevention

Taking on a deal that later turns out to be fraudulent can be a nightmare. You know what suspicious signs to look for in a client or deal, but If your title insurance provider can act as a second set of eyes for preventing title fraud, you can work with speed and confidence.

Look for a title insurance provider with Certified Fraud Examiners on the team. It takes a trained eye to root out title fraud, and with legal practices dealing with such high volumes now, having a dedicated examiner looking for suspicious deals has never been more important.


No surprises

Today’s homebuyers are more educated on the buying process and need greater transparency when it comes to what’s attached to a deal—and so do you. Every property is unique, and if you’re using a title insurance provider who is underwriting the file in-house, they will likely write special exceptions into the policy. While that’s a sign of good underwriting, those standout details can get lost in the text of the policy. Make sure your provider highlights any special exceptions on each policy you order, preferably compiled on the first page. That way, you can easily walk your client through their policy.

Look for a provider who does not require a customer signature as part of finalizing the policy. Some providers look to pay out claims wherever they can, but many homebuyers have an image of insurance companies as looking as any excuse to deny coverage. Because signature-required policies could use lack of signature as a reason to deny a claim, eliminate that possibility and offer your clients greater peace of mind with a policy that automatically starts protection as of its policy date.

Never settle for draft policies. Even well-meaning underwriters might end up changing critical details between showing you the draft, and the start of coverage. Your clients count on you to show them exactly what they can expect from their protection, and you can’t do that without the final policy in hand. That transparency will mean a smoother process for you, and greater trust in you from your client.

You and your clients need more than a policy. Choose a provider who offers more protection, more solutions and more experience.



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