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Video: What lies ahead for Canada’s mortgage industry? CMP TV panel


Brokers have had to react to huge disruptions since the pandemic started, not just to their own lives and businesses, but to their clients’ as well. Many consumers have been leaving urban centers for new, more remote hotspots, while others are downsizing after unexpected job loss.

Brokers responded to disruptions quickly and creatively, using new technology to accommodate their clients’ needs in terms of safety, convenience and speed. New tools and new ways of operating their businesses helped brokers stay on top of volumes in the hottest housing market on record. What lies ahead for the Canadian mortgage market, now that interest rates and purchase numbers are starting to shift?

To try and answer that question, Canadian Mortgage Professional (CMP) hosted a power panel with leaders across the mortgage space:

  • Kate Wybrow, Vice President–Distribution at FCT,
  • Dong Lee, Chief Operating Officer at DLCG,
  • Megan McDonald, Vice President—Sales at MCAP,
  • Joe Jacobs, Managing Partner at Mortgage Connection.

Join these industry experts as they discuss how the market got to where it is, and provide their thoughts on the industry’s response. They examine what efficiencies brokers should carry forward after the pandemic, as well as one of the biggest opportunities this new market has to offer.



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This panel was recorded in Feb 2022.

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