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Fast And Accurate Property Valuations.

With data driven appraisals our cascading valuations model ensures you get the fastest, lowest risk, and most cost-effective appraisal–all wrapped in our exclusive valuation insurance.

The Cascading Model of Appraisals

We’ve modernized the appraisal management process with a system that interprets data in real-time, producing appraisals in as little as 4 seconds. When more information is needed, we gather more details and deliver an appraisal in less than 4 hours, or trigger a request for a traditional valuation. This approach uses proprietary, data-driven, automated technology, and is coupled with the expertise of the best appraisers in the industry. 

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Here’s How It Works

We can move from automated products to more traditional solutions as necessary.

With our cascading approach to valuations, you get the appraisal method that fits your situation. Our approach saves both time and money. 

Automated Appraisal

Data-driven, accurate, and done in as little as 4 seconds, our Automated Appraisals give an instant market valuation  based on property attributes and comprehensive data integrations.

Flex Appraisal

Using the best elements of valuation technology and the expertise of a certified appraiser, Flex Appraisals combine approximately 250 data points with industry-recognized confidence scores. In under 4 hours, you’ll get results you can be confident in!

Traditional Appraisal

Sometimes a property needs an onsite visit. This market valuation is based on an exterior or interior inspection of the property. Combined with all the data from our Flex Appraisal and Automated Appraisal stages, it yields results you can trust.

Property Value Indemnity Insurance

We help reduce the property valuation risk as we include them in an exclusive insurance policy. Regardless of which appraisal a property qualifies for, we stand behind them all.

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Benefits of Our Cascading Appraisal Model

Ensuring you get the lowest risk and most cost-effective appraisal.

Greater efficiency

Get the appraisal that best suits your needs. We always use the most efficient method, saving you time and money. 

Industry leading technology

A wealth of data creates efficiencies in the appraisal process and sets you apart. Leverage it for your benefit–an appraiser will only visit the property if it’s required.

Cost savings

Our cascading model ensures you get the lowest cost option for your property. Most properties qualify for an Automated Appraisal or Flex Appraisal, leading to savings your bottom line will see.

Risk reduction

Feel secure knowing you are protected. We offer Property Valuation Indemnity Insurance on all of our appraisal solutions, so no matter which one you need, you’re covered.

Reduced turn-around times

Most properties qualify for a turn-around time from 4 seconds to 4 hours, so you don’t have to wait days or weeks for your appraisal.

Focus on quality and expertise

When a traditional appraisal is needed, you get the same trusted results. We have a network of experienced appraisers that use the most current data available. 

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