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Seamless Statement and Discharge Management

Our solution means you spend less time processing payouts.

A solution designed from a lender’s perspective

Payouts without any of the common pain points.

Leverage our expertise and enjoy the benefits of a convenient and supported system designed with lenders in mind.

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Why FCT?

Having FCT manage your statements and discharges has a number of benefits to lenders.


Our system was designed with lenders in mind. The dashboard features everything you need at a glance.


Upload digital copies of important documents such as title searches to our secure portal. No need to email.


Find what you need when you need it. With our streamlined system you can always check to see the status of requests.


Leverage our expertise and knowledge to do payouts and discharges.

Talk to us to learn more

To learn how FCT can help you, or if you have questions, contact our team.

How it Works

You can effortlessly track the progress of your requests as they move through our system.

Simply create a request in the system, identifying the type of service needed.

Then upload any supporting documents in our secure portal.

Submit the request to our team of dedicated experts and we’ll handle the details.

You can track the progress and view the transaction history for all your requests in the easy to navigate dashboard.

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