Real Estate Professionals

Real estate professionals today need more than just knowledge of the market. To set yourself apart, you must deliver peace of mind along with guidance and expertise.

With all the risks and worries inherent in purchasing property, how can you reassure your clients that their deals will close smoothly? By making title insurance from FCT part of every deal.

  • Residential Products
    • Home Protection Solutions

      FCT Home Protection Solutions takes the worry out of home ownership with our insurance and warranty plans.  Click here to make a claim.

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    • Residential Title Insurance

      Our homeowner policy transfers any title risks from the home buyer to FCT, giving legal professionals the confidence to complete real estate transactions quickly and cost-effectively. It covers losses associated with survey…

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  • Commercial Products
    • Commercial Title Insurance

      Commercial Title Insurance Unlike traditional property and casualty insurance, title insurance covers issues that existed before the policy’s effective date, as well as certain issues that may occur in future (e.g. title…

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