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Identity theft and fraud can change your life forever. That’s why we have a dedicated team ready to defend you.
Here’s everything you need to know about title fraud.

What is title fraud?

The facts you need to know.

Title fraud is when a fraudster steals your identity and forges documents to either remortgage your home and take the proceeds, or to sell your home right out from under you. 
For criminals who know the intricacies of the real estate and lending markets, title fraud makes for fast and easy money. If you own a home, you could be at risk.
Often, victims of title fraud don’t know that it’s happened until problems arise. In one case, a son learned that his parents had become victims of title fraud when he tried to sell their home and discovered someone else had already sold it fraudulently. Don’t let this happen to you.

What happens if you become a victim of title fraud?

Unlike other types of fraud, it’s up to you to prove that title fraud happened. It can take a lot of time, money, and effort to deal with the fallout, including:

  • The possibility of losing your home

  • The costs of defending or denying ownership of the mortgaged property

  • The inability to sell your current home until the fraud is dealt with

  • Lost opportunities to buy and sell other properties while the matter is being resolved

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Title fraud: what every homeowner needs to know

Learn how title fraud can affect you.

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Six tips to keep you safe from title fraud

These tips will help you keep your identity secure and protect your biggest assets against fraud.

Use caution

Be very careful when giving out personal information, especially online or over the phone. 

Talk to your legal professional

Before giving someone else the right to make decisions about your home, check with a legal professional.

Check your credit rating

If your credit report shows any suspicious activity, report it right away. It might be identity theft.

Keep your physical mail safe

Don't let mail sit in your mailbox. Shred any unsolicited credit card documents, as these can be used to steal your identity.

Destroy old documents

Keep all mortgage information in a safe place, and shred or burn any old documents instead of recycling them. 

Buy title insurance

When you buy a new home, ask your legal professional for title insurance from FCT. To protect your current home, you can contact us directly.

Already own your home?

Let us help protect you against title fraud. Existing homeowners can purchase title insurance directly from us. Sleep better knowing that we’ve got your back.

Buying property?

Unfortunately, fraud can happen to anyone. Title insurance from FCT protects you from facing the consequences alone. Be sure to ask your legal professional about it, so you know you’re covered.

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