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We want you to have choice when it comes to how you order title insurance from us. In addition to phone, fax and email, we also offer online ordering for a more streamlined ordering process.

Online (not currently available in Quebec)

Order, track and manage your title insurance policies online, 24/7. To sign up for online ordering from FCT, simply click Enrol Now so we can activate your account. If you already have an account and would like to order a policy, click Login.


Our Residential Solutions Team is available Monday to Friday 8:00 am ET – 8:00 pm ET.

National Orders (excluding Quebec)
905.287.3122 / 1.866.804.3122

Quebec Orders
514.744.8969 / 1.866.744.8969

Email or Fax (available Nationally)

e residentialsolutions@fct.ca
f 905.287.2403 / 1.800.705.0006

e rtis.qc@fct.ca (Quebec)
f 514.744.8143 / 1.844.350.8674 (Quebec)


  • Fct-tracker

    The FCT Tracker app offers legal professionals an easy way to track the status of their residential title insurance, Managed Mortgage Solution (MMS) and Lender Lawyer Connect® (LLC®) deals on mobile or tablet devices.

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