Commercial Title Insurance

Commercial title insurance safeguards your clients’ commercial real estate investments from unknown issues that may have occurred before the policy’s effective date.

Commercial title insurance is a simple way to mitigate your risk and protect your clients’ commercial real estate investments.

Unlike traditional insurance policies, commercial title insurance does not cover things that may happen in the future. Rather, it protects against unknown issues that have occurred prior to the policy’s effective date.

A commercial title insurance policy protects your clients against losses incurred as a result of title and survey defects, municipal issues, title fraud, or claims against their interest that were unknown at the time of closing. For a one-time premium, your client will be protected for as long as they hold an interest in the insured property.

If your client’s interest in the property is challenged due to a covered risk, simply leave the defence to us, along with the associated costs.

We offer commercial title insurance policies for property purchasers and lenders. Deliver substantial savings and comprehensive coverage for your clients by requesting both policies in the same transaction.

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  • Policy Types
    • Owner Policy

      For a one-time premium, the insured is covered for as long as they own the property. FCT can also underwrite any defects uncovered during your due diligence process on a case-by-case basis….

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    • Lender Policy

      A one-time premium, typically paid for by the borrower, covers the lender against losses associated with a host of unknown title and off title related issues until the mortgage is fully discharged…

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