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How credit unions benefit from a partnership with FCT | The FCT Blog


Over 260 million members worldwide rely on credit unions for their financial services. At FCT, we understand the integral role that credit unions play in their communities.

We serve over 95% of the credit unions across Canada and are committed to providing you with outstanding solutions and service that your members can benefit from. As you strive to create a better experience for your members, we’re right there beside you, developing new products and solutions that are cost-effective, efficient and valuable for you and your members at every stage of the homeownership process.

What are the benefits of working with us?

  • Faster appraisals through our industry-leading valuation solutions.
  • Smoother closings in purchase and non-purchase transactions.
  • The ability to offer differentiated service in a highly competitive mortgage market by offering our Home Protection Plan to your members.
  • Regional support through employees who are part of your community.
  • More time to focus on member engagement as we streamline the end-to-end mortgage transaction process for you.

We value your partnership and feel fortunate to work with you today and in the future. To show our appreciation for the wonderful work done by credit unions across Canada, FCT sponsored the “Lender of the Year: Credit Union” award at the Mortgage Awards of Excellence—an annual event that celebrates leadership, achievement and the pursuit of distinction in Canada’s mortgage industry.

Thank you to our valued credit unions for your partnership and for helping make dreams a reality! Happy International Credit Union Day!

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