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Buying a home is both exciting and nerve-wracking.  But it can become downright terrifying when an unexpected expense suddenly appears.

A title insurance policy is an important investment that can save you thousands of dollars in unforeseen expenses. It is a wise addition to any sound financial plan.

Consider the story of Jane and John Brown*.

When the Browns purchased a home in Sudbury back in January 2020, the pool and deck in the backyard were pleasures to be deferred until the warm days of summer.

But on the way to summer, something happened. May came along and with it a notice from the City of Greater Sudbury serving the Browns with an Order to Comply. It turned out, the deck and pool in their backyard were both constructed without the necessary permits and in violation of the city’s bylaws.

The solution seemed straightforward, contact the city, obtain the necessary building permits and plan that Victoria Day pool party. Problem solved, right? Unfortunately, no. That was when the real problems began. The Browns were informed by the city that the pool and its accompanying deck were not in compliance with the side yard setback and would have to be removed. A very expensive and unplanned expense.

Title Insurance to the rescue

Fortunately for the Browns, they had a title insurance policy with FCT. They promptly reached out to our Claims department to determine their options. Their claim was successful based on the Covered Risk Clause within their policy and they received a payment of $32,735.66. They were able to comply with the city’s edicts and not have to bear the expense themselves. No doubt a huge relief!

Like the Browns, many homeowners often face unforeseen expenses stemming from zoning violations, liens and claims against their property, encroachments, fraudulent mortgage transfers or a host of other issues. A title insurance policy from FCT can often protect you from these nightmare scenarios, save you money and give you peace of mind.

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*The names of the individuals listed in the above article have been changed to protect their privacy.



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