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FCT Fraud protection – We’ve got you covered

Jul 10th | FCT

Fraud is everywhere. No industry is safe from fraudsters. They are persistent and unfortunately, very creative. The real estate industry is just as vulnerable to fraudsters as any other is. Luckily, FCT has you…

How well do you know Canada?

Jul 1st | FCT

At FCT we are proud of our Canadian heritage. So in honour of Canada’s 153 birthday we’re giving you the opportunity to tell us how much you know about Canada.

When a lawyer’s assumption turned into an unforeseen expense

Jun 26th | FCT

Making assumptions is never a good idea. While most of the time the outcome is harmless, at other times it can be quite costly. In late 2019, Ms. Jane Smith*, a lawyer…

FCT Home Protection Plan – Enjoy your home, we’ll take care of the rest

Jun 18th | FCT

Buying a home is an exciting, life-changing event. For a first-time home-buyer, and even a more experienced one, the process can become overwhelming, especially when something goes wrong. Meet Rebecca Rose. She…