A lawyer reviewing a stack of documents, while writing notes with a pen

How much does an error cost? Protect yourself from everyday risks

May 21st | By FCT

When you have a law practice, even one misplaced word can cost hundreds, even thousands of dollars. These are some real examples of innocent mistakes—and their consequences—we’ve seen recently: A lawyer registered a mortgage…


Diversity, Inclusion and Belonging—what it means for us

Jun 10th | By FCT

While we have always strived to provide an environment where our employees are empowered to be great, in the last few years, our eyes have been opened to the sheer depth of…


Homebuyers brace for incoming stress test changes

May 27th | By FCT

On June 1, the Bank of Canada’s mortgage stress test is getting tougher, rising to a minimum of 5.25% for an uninsured mortgage. What does that mean for you?  That might depend…

Title Insurance

Why Western Protocol is not enough for your clients

May 20th | By FCT

Sam Jones* had been living in his home for a few years before he decided to apply for a permit to renovate his house. In reviewing his application, the city discovered that…