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At FCT, we’re invested in our customers, our colleagues and our community.

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FCT's wide range of offerings support a diverse group of partners and customers. Learn more about how we can help you:


Legal professionals

We have the coverage you need to protect your customers and your business, as well as the solutions you want to operate more smoothly, on every transaction.


Lending professionals

Whether you're looking for service on a particular transaction, or a solution that spans the entire real estate lifecycle, FCT is there for you.

Property owners

Property owners

Buying a property is one of the greatest investments you’ll ever make. Title insurance protects that investment from risks like fraud.


Discover what’s at our core

We started with title insurance but have grown to so much more. See how we can help you.

Title insurance

The coverage options you need.

Title insurance keeps everyone involved in a real estate transaction protected from risks like title fraud and other unforeseen issues. Whether you’re a property owner, legal professional or lending professional, we have a policy that’s built with your unique needs in mind.

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For a quick, secure quote, use FCT’s residential title insurance quote calculator.

Fraud detection
and prevention

Title fraud is evolving, but so are we.

Title fraud is a risk on every real estate transaction. That's why at FCT we work to detect signs of fraud and prevent it before it happens. Take advantage of our fraud experts' insights and expertise, and stay ahead of the fraudsters targeting your customers.

Processing solutions

Supporting more efficient ways of working together.

Simple processing and software solutions to make your life easier—that’s what we’re all about. Our digital offerings allow you to do more online, like order title insurance, communicate securely with other professionals and manage payouts. We take care of you, so you can take better care of your customers.

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Title insurance

Protect your customers for as long as they have an interest in their property. You should title insure every transaction because any transaction could be the one that needs it.

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Payout services

Request your mortgage payout and discharge statements from major lenders in just five minutes. Order, track, manage and receive real-time status notifications on your statement requests.

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Digital Gateway

Our modern APIs allow you to build accurate and reliable property data directly into your products, whether they be for lead generation, risk management, loan adjudication, portfolio management, or customer retention.

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Client ID Verification

Are your customers who they say they are? Identity theft and fraud have become more sophisticated, but so has your protection. Our powerful verification solution can help you streamline your onboarding processes and safeguard your business.

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Lender Lawyer Connect

Work with major Canadian lenders to manage all aspects of residential mortgages with our most popular solution.

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Mortgage processing

Help your mortgage team manage customer transactions faster and more cost effectively with our integrated solutions. We save you time and money.

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