Mortgage broker sitting with customer

Best practices for mortgage brokers in a digital world

Feb 25th | FCT

Although many real estate professionals engage in customer service to some degree, few are as fully focused on it as mortgage brokers. Often an early part of the property buying process, the job of…

Commercial Solutions

Land assembly and the importance of title insurance

Feb 18th | FCT

What is land assembly? Land assembly is the joining of multiple adjacent parcels of land to form a single site that can then be used to construct a larger property. Due to…

Real Estate

Thoughts and predictions for resilience and recovery in Canada’s real estate industry

Feb 11th | FCT

The year 2020 will forever be remembered as a year overwhelmed by uncertainty and disruption. The real estate industry, like most industries, was significantly impacted by the pandemic, with federal and provincial…


Did you know that FCT offers CE Credits?

Feb 4th | FCT

“An investment in knowledge pays the best interest.” – Benjamin Franklin At FCT we’re invested in providing our customers with the tools and resources they need to better serve their clients. For…