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Caring for the Community

Wood’s Homes: Reshaping mental health care for youth in Calgary

May 12th | By FCT

Wood’s Homes began as a small orphanage over a century ago, and has grown into a series of campuses throughout the Greater Calgary Area. At FCT, we’re invested in our community, which is why…

Legal Professionals

What one missing detail in a real estate deal can cost

May 5th | By FCT

When Caleb Stevens* closed on the purchase of a small commercial property in a sleepy Ontario suburb, everything had gone smoothly. Except for one small mistake, which would go unnoticed for over…


Coffee break with Phillip Notley

Apr 28th | By FCT

As Head of Marketing and Communications, Phillip Notley has led our Marketing department for over six years. Phillip’s natural curiosity and big-picture outlook help him discover new ways for FCT to connect…

Leading Insights

The human side of digital innovation 

Apr 26th | By Tanya Fowler

Where would we be without creative ideas? Without the people who dare to ask the important questions, or to approach things in a brand-new way? Behind every great service or product ever…

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