Tips to protect yourself from real estate fraud

Mar 21st | FCT

We don’t often think much of giving out our basic personal information, but sometimes the simplest information can be enough for fraudsters to use. Information such as your full name, address, postal code or birthday are…

Three signs your clients are not who they say they are

Mar 14th | FCT

Fraud in all its forms has significant consequences for its victims. In a real estate transaction, fraud could cost lawyers a lot of money, in addition to destroying their reputation and credibility….

Are you a home owner? Take this quiz to find out how much you know about fraud!

Mar 7th | FCT

Fraud takes on many different forms. You’ve likely heard of the most common ways people are targeted by fraudsters through email, phone, and online. One way people are targeted by fraud is…

How our customers help define the way we do business

Feb 21st | FCT

Customer experience is at the heart of everything we do at FCT. We started an online platform called FCT Exchange, so we could go straight to the source—our customers—to learn what we’re doing…