photo of small houses grouped downhill towards Lake Okanagan
Real Estate

The return of foreign buyers and the Pacific market

Sep 23rd | By FCT

Foreign buyers dominated headlines—and if those headlines are to be believed, the market, back in the early to mid-2010s. Two successive provincial governments in B.C. set up foreign buyers’ taxes in order to curb…

Legal Professionals

Three essential things to look for in a title insurance provider

Sep 9th | By FCT

Since coming to Canada in the early 90s, title insurance has become a reliable source of security for more and more homeowners. As a legal professional, you have more options than ever…

Caring for the Community

Meet the William G. Davis Scholarship recipient for 2021

Sep 2nd | By FCT

On August 25, we had the honour of awarding the 2021 William G. Davis Scholarship. Named for the late Honourable William G. Davis, a chairman of FCT’s board, former education minister and…