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Real Estate

How are real estate professionals meeting the needs of the new market?

Nov 25th | By FCT

The real estate market has seen seismic shifts in the past two years. The pandemic changed market trends and consumer expectations, but also accelerated existing plans. Five professionals across the country and the real…


What are secured and unsecured debts?

Nov 18th | By FCT

For many Canadians, debt is a constant consideration. Decreased consumption during the height of COVID-19 lockdowns led to households paying down their unsecured debt at record levels. As Canadians continue to navigate…

Title Insurance

Navigating Alberta’s registration gap

Nov 11th | By FCT

Over the last 18 months, the registration gap in Alberta has trended upwards, currently sitting at eight to ten weeks. What is the registration gap? The term “registration gap” refers to the…


Five things to consider when refinancing your mortgage

Nov 4th | By FCT

Mortgage refinancing offers many Canadians a powerful tool to consolidate debt, get a better interest rate or even fund large projects and investments. There are great reasons to consider refinancing, but it’s…

Changing the way you connect with us - we're invested.
Changing the way you connect with us - we're invested.
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