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Property Owners

What’s being done about title fraud?

Jun 8th | By FCT

Your home is one of the greatest investments you’ll make in life. The idea of something happening to it is one of the worst images you can have as a homeowner. You can protect…

Legal Professionals

Is making small E&O claims worth it?

May 25th | By FCT

Did you know that real estate is the riskiest area of law to practice?1 More claims go to mandatory errors and omissions (E&O) providers from real estate than any other area of…

Property Owners

What insurance protection does your new home need?

May 11th | By FCT

With interest rate hikes on pause, more buyers are coming off the sidelines and looking to enter the market. Prices are high, so protecting your investment and your home is more important…

Legal Professionals

You should be title insuring every deal—here’s why:

Apr 27th | By FCT

To your clients, title insurance means peace of mind and lifelong protection. What does it mean to you? Title insurance can protect more than just your clients’ property. Making title insurance a…

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