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A revolutionary approach to valuations in Canada

The FCT Valuation Solutions suite of products and services modernizes the appraisal management process through a cascading model that interprets data in real-time. This approach uses proprietary, data-driven, automated technology, and is coupled with the expertise of the best appraisers in the industry.

Our suite of products provides you with optimal solutions for every level of qualifying parameter and ensures lenders are getting the fastest, lowest risk and most cost-effective appraisal.

Not only do we provide a smarter, more reliable way to manage appraisals; we also offer the added protection of an insurance wrapper around the valuation*–regardless of which solution the property qualifies for.

*Subject to the issuance of a policy, and such terms and conditions of the policy.

Property Valuation Indemnity Insurance (PVII)

An insurance product that assists you in mitigating property valuation risk. We’re the first company in Canada to offer property valuation indemnity insurance, which was approved by the Office of the Superintendent of Financial Institutions (OSFI) in 2009.

PVII is available on our full product suite.

Our cascading model of solutions

An infographic showing the cascading model of lending solutions from FCT
Insured Low Ratio Valuation (iLRV)

This product insures low ratio values generated by CMHC’s low ratio emili.

Automated Valuation Model (iAVM)

Instant market value estimate based on property attributes, comprehensive data integrations and machine learning algorithms. The results are communicated within 4 seconds, and provide the added benefit of no fault valuation insurance.

FCT Flex Appraisal

This solution combines the best elements of valuation technology, and the expertise of a certified appraiser for a cost-effective and accurate appraisal. Our technology combines approximately 250 data points with industry recognized confidence scores. The results are given to you within 4 hours. This product can be enhanced with the addition of photos or interior/exterior inspections.

Desktop/Drive-By Appraisal

A market value estimate of a residential property based on information from reliable third-party sources, such as municipal records and MLS® data. FCT approved field technicians may be used to expedite the drive-by appraisal process and help reduce fees.

Full Appraisal

A market value estimate based on measurements, interior and exterior inspection, photos, and supporting analysis of relevant information. FCT approved field technicians are available to expedite the appraisal process and help reduce fees.


  • Greater efficiency
  • Industry leading technology
  • Cost savings
  • Risk mitigation
  • Reduced turn-around times
  • Focus on quality and expertise

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