Recovery Services

Recovery Services from FCT is an outsourcing solution that allows you to manage vendors with ease. This service provides cost containment and higher profitability through FCT’s buying power, in addition to the added security around audit – all built on a technology platform that increases efficiency and speed.

Efficient. Reliable. Cost-effective vendor management.

Benefit from our best-in class vendor management system which identifies the critical risk elements when selecting a vendor and addresses implementation of proper internal controls. This allows you to manage your business more effectively, with greater cost efficiency and higher quality results.

The CollectLink suite of portfolio management tools include:


  • Stricter controls and oversight of recovery vendors
  • Decreased risk through FCT’s proven vendor management program and audit processes
  • Increased accuracy and call recording capabilities


  • Consistency across the country in quality and management of vendors
  • Confidence that quality standards are met and monitored by FCT
  • Performance monitoring to ensure access to the ‘best of the best’ vendors

Cost Control

  • Access to greater scale facilitates lower costs for your business
  • Performance measurement and regular analysis to lower disbursement requests in order to increase value of services utilized
  • Evaluation of results to ensure your recovery efforts are managed effectively

To start managing your business more effectively, contact Dave Cochrane at 877.398.7512 x486

Recovery Services is available nation-wide, excluding Quebec.