Mortgage Enforcement (ME)

Mortgage Enforcement (ME) from FCT is an end-to-end solution customized to the needs of your mortgage recovery portfolio.

Our ME product enables you to keep up with the changing landscape of regulators by providing superior reporting. It allows you to handle the entire recovery process conveniently via an online portal. It also aids in centralizing and standardizing vendor management throughout all stages of the recovery life cycle, leading to better accountability and greater operational and cost efficiencies.

Through Mortgage Enforcement, the experienced FCT team takes ownership of the recovery process with a proven methodology based on four key performance drivers:

  • Fee control – ME requires all service providers to supply estimates, disclose fees and be accountable for their costs. You know what is being spent, where it is spent, and when.
  • Vendor management – by analyzing vendor estimates and invoices, ME ensures transparency in fees and performance accountability based on industry standards.
  • Objective oversight – keep up-to-date as ME centralizes, tracks and reports all expenses in real-time.
  • Quick action – ME allows you to get ahead of the process and initiate action faster, which is a proven determinant in achieving higher rates of return.

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