Online ordering

We want you to have choice when it comes to how you order title insurance from us. In addition to phone, fax and email, we also offer online ordering for a more streamlined ordering process.

Residential title insurance

  • ✓ Multi-unit residential dwellings up to and including six units*
  • ✓ Single family dwellings
  • ✓ Condominiums/strata units/townhouses
  • ✓ Properties where specifically zoned as live/work units
  • ✓ Rooming houses with up to six units
  • ✓ Single residential vacant lots
Commercial title insurance

  • ✓ Multi-unit residential dwellings with more than six units*
  • ✓ Typical commercial buildings such as retail centres, office or industrial buildings
  • ✓ Mixed-use properties
  • ✓ Vacant land zoned as commercial
  • ✓ Income-generating agricultural land
  • ✓ Infrastructure and energy development
  • Fct-tracker

    The FCT Tracker app offers legal professionals an easy way to track the status of their residential title insurance, Managed Mortgage Solution (MMS) and Lender Lawyer Connect® (LLC®) deals on mobile or tablet devices.

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