Refinance Program

When your customer is refinancing or transferring a mortgage, use the FCT Refinance Program to deliver improved service and heightened customer satisfaction.

This one-stop solution helps lenders complete refinancing or mortgage transfers easily and efficiently. We take care of all required searches, documentation, funding and reporting*, freeing you to focus on providing an outstanding borrower experience.

With a quick turnaround time and a competitive fixed price, the FCT Refinance Program eliminates guesswork and unpleasant surprises for borrowers. It includes a title insurance lender policy that protects your investment from title-related risks. Canada’s top banks, national lending institutions and credit unions use the FCT Refinance Program for smooth, secure transactions.

To learn more about the FCT Refinance Program, call 1.800.307.0370.

*All programs are customized based on the unique needs of the lenders.