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Refinancing Made Easy With FCT

Give your mortgage team the right support to get the job done seamlessly, accurately, and secure. 

Process refinances faster and easier

We take care of all required searches, documentation, funding, and registration allowing your team to focus on your clients. 

A female lender accessing refinance documents on her laptop

Here’s why lenders choose FCT to streamline their non-purchase mortgages

Canada’s top banks, national lending institutions, and credit unions use FCT’s in-house refinance program. 

Cost certainty and transparency

The refinance program allows you to quote customers’ closing costs up front, which helps them manage their budget.

Streamlined process

Our end-to-end solution completes mortgage documents and title searches, keeping your team as the single point of contact for your clients.

Lender protection

Each transaction includes a lender title insurance policy from FCT to protect lenders against unforeseen title issues.

Improved client experience

All transaction details are handled in a single and secure location, removing any document handling challenges.

What’s in it for you?

Let’s work together to create happier, more engaged clients. Here’s what a streamlined, more efficient process leads to.

A male lender meeting with two clients in their home
Clients Will Thank You

Competitive fixed cost allows clients to budget and keep more money in their pockets. There are no surprises when the deal closes.

A male lender reviewing refinance documents with a client in his office
Single Point of Contact

There’s nothing worse than bouncing from one person to another. Let's eliminate that. Your team is the main point of contact.

A female lender helping clients with in-home document signing at their home
Client Referrals

By creating a better refinancing experience, you create happier clients. Happy clients are more likely to refer your team to friends and family.

A male lender meeting with a couple in his office They are reviewing refinancing mortgage docu
Client Retention

Helping clients through a smooth non-purchase mortgage shows you care. Clients will come back for further support

Find out how the program works.

Connect with us to learn more about our in-house refinance program solutions.

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