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Working with an industry pioneer like FCT can make all the difference between closing a deal smoothly and not closing at all. Since 1991, our title insurance coverage has facilitated simple, efficient and secure residential and commercial real estate transactions. We take care of you, so you can take better care of your clients.

We’re here to support your growth by providing you with more than a policy. When you choose FCT, you get more protection, more solutions and more experience.

For information on FCT’s products and services, please contact our dedicated team.

    • Commercial title insurance

      Commercial title insurance protects your owner and lender clients against losses associated with survey* issues, municipal agreement compliance issues, title defects and claims against their interest in the property (title)…

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    • Residential title insurance

      Residential title insurance protects your homeowner and lender clients against losses associated with title fraud, as well as survey* and title issues…

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    • E&O Extra® and E&O Complete

      We understand the risks you face. That’s why our annual E&O Extra® policy coverage is now included—at no cost— to protect you on every transaction you title insure with us.*…

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    • Client ID Verification

      FCT is proud to work with Bluink to offer you a safe and secure ID verification solution when you need it the most. Built to meet the stringent Canadian standards, the advanced technology provides you the ability to achieve consistent authentication of your clients’ identity documents in person or virtually, in minutes…

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    • Online ordering

      We want you to have choice when it comes to how you order title insurance from us. In addition to phone, fax and email, we also offer online ordering for commercial and residential title insurance…

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    • Lender Lawyer Connect (LLC)

      Lender Lawyer Connect (LLC) is a secure, easy-to-use, web-based platform that helps facilitate the instructing, processing, reporting, document handling, funding, and statement requesting for residential mortgages between legal professionals and lenders…

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    • Mortgage Instructions

      We developed our mortgage instructions process in collaboration with lenders, lawyers, and notaries. LLC streamlines the way mortgage files are instructed, processed, and reported…

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    • Managed Mortgage Solution (MMS)

      Managed Mortgage Solutions (MMS) is a solution within the LLC platform, which offers a single point of contact for instructing, communicating, and funding during a mortgage transaction…

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    • Payout Services

      The Payout Services portal lets you request statements and discharges online from participating lenders.* Lenders looking for a truly digital real estate experience have turned to Payout Services. You can request a statement easily and securely online, letting you track, manage and receive real-time status notifications…

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    • FCT Search Assist

      Search Assist makes your day easier by managing commercial searches with municipalities, regions, and other authorities in Ontario on your behalf.

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    • EasyFund

      EasyFund lets you manage the payouts of your real estate transaction quickly and effortlessly without leaving the office…
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    • FCT Tracker

      Want to track the progress of your real estate deals? FCT Tracker app gives you
      an easy way to check the status of your FCT residential title insurance policies…

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    • Industry expertise

      Our team of dedicated experts work across Canada and bring unparalleled experience to ensure your transactions are simple and secure.

    • Superior underwriting

      Our underwriting team mitigates risks and finds solutions to protect the interest of your clients.

    • Regional focus

      The people you work with at FCT are part of your community. We have operational centres and a sales team across Canada to provide you with regional focused support.

    • Wide network

      By working with over 44,000 legal professionals, 450 lenders and 300 realtors, we have a better understanding of the Canadian real estate market, industry trends, and how we can help you grow your business.