Do you know what issues to look for when viewing a home?


You took your time and finally made the huge decision to buy a home. Then you engage a realtor and the speed dating begins—you have so many homes to view in so little time! So how do you make sure you’re looking at the right things when you’re seeing a home?

Aside from making a list of your must-haves, it’s also good to look out for potential issues that may come up after the purchase.

Here are some things to check around the house:

  • Attic: Are there signs of a raccoon or squirrel nest? Is there mold?
  • Living room, dining room and bedrooms: Look carefully at the electrical outlets, switches, windows and doors. Are they making funny noises? Are they all operating properly? Is there a leak on the ceiling or fresh patches of paint that may be covering something?
  • Kitchen and bathroom: Are all the appliances working? Do the taps run properly? Does the plumbing work? Do you see any leaks on the floor or under the sink? Make sure the electrical outlets within three feet of a water source have ground-fault circuit interrupters.
  • Basement: Are there any odd smells, foundation cracks or leaks? Check the electrical panel—are wires hanging out? They show amateur handiwork. Do you see any cut joists in the basement or a sagging floor?
  • Garage: Is the door closing properly and are the sensors working? The door from the garage to the house should be self-closing to keep carbon monoxide gases from entering the house.
  • Outside: Do you see any foundation cracks? Are trees too close to the house? Can you tell if any shingles on the roof are curling?

One way to have peace of mind when you’re buying a home (or even selling for that matter) is to get a home inspection and purchase a Home Protection Plan from FCT. Our protection plan offers homeowners an 18-month warranty of up to $20,000 on major home features such as the roof, foundation, heating, cooling, and more. And if you purchase the inspection and home protection plan together, you’ll even get a discount.

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