Deal Protection Endorsement for commercial title insurance policies.

After launching the Commercial Deal Protection Endorsement earlier this year for transactions valued up to $5M, FCT is pleased to announce that the coverage is now available on all commercial title insurance policies, regardless of the value of the transaction.

The Deal Protection Endorsement provides coverage for purchasers and mortgagees on residential commercial transactions. The coverage for commercial transactions is the amount insured under the title policy, up to a maximum of $5 million.*

The Deal Protection Endorsement protects against losses due to:

  • Errors or omissions in the review of the agreement and documents related to the purchase or financing of the Land;
  • Errors or omissions made in the statement of adjustments or the disbursement of closing proceeds;
  • Failure to conduct title or off-title searches in accordance with written instructions from the client;
  • Errors or omissions made in the written legal opinion regarding the title or off-title searches;
  • Failure to obtain additional documents that pertain to the transaction.

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*Coverage for commercial transactions is capped at the lesser of the amount insured under the policy or $5 million. The Deal Protection Endorsement on residential and commercial transactions is not available in Quebec. In British Columbia, the lawyers and notaries are the insured. Residential Deal Protection Endorsement is not available for existing homeowner policies. This endorsement is limited by the exceptions and exclusions in the policy.

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