Our customizable solutions and industry expertise provide a dramatic improvement in the management of receivables by lowering cost, increasing recovery rates and providing a framework to manage enterprise-wide risk and governance.

CollectLink automates financial transactions and invoices and improves audit controls. It is internet based, secured by 128-bit SSL encryption, and passes the security reviews of the largest organizations in North America including PCI certification. As internet based software, it enables seamless implementations and client or business partner access.

The CollectLink suite of portfolio management tools include:

Agency Management
It helps clients experience double digit performance lifts in a secure environment for their first party and third party agency programs through dynamic strategies, performance measurement and effective process management.

Unsecured Legal
Workflow tools ensure your legal business partners are managing the portfolio to your requirements in a timely and appropriate manner. Performance measurement tools enable you to have clear insight into the effectiveness of your legal programs.

Secured Legal
Lower your loss rates and shorten your property liquidation timelines by leveraging the mortgage default workflow processes established in the software. Never be offside to your insurer; always have clear exception reporting capabilities on expected deliverables.

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