Property Owners

Buying and owning real estate may be a wise investment and a significant achievement, but there’s no denying it comes with inherent risks.

Fortunately, FCT title insurance takes care of the risks, letting you buy and own real property with confidence.

What is title insurance?

Common issues can delay or kill a deal, make it difficult to secure financing, and add unexpected costs to purchasing and owning real estate. They can put your ownership into question – even years later – and threaten your ability to sell in the future.

Title insurance helps close deals faster and protects homeowners against losses associated with title fraud, as well as survey and title issues/defects.

How do I order title insurance?

If you are a new homeowner and would like to learn how residential title insurance can protect your investment, call us today at 905.287.3380 or 1.877.888.1153.

If you would like to purchase title insurance on a new or existing property, please contact your lawyer or notary.

For information related to a property located in the Province of Quebec, please call one of our certified representatives at 1.800.331.6005.

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