Lender Lawyer Connect (LLC)

Lender Lawyer Connect (LLC) is an online platform that simplifies and enhances the way mortgage files are instructed, processed and reported.

Developed in collaboration with lenders, lawyers and notaries, LLC® is an advanced web-based solution for managing mortgage documents online. This solution enhances collaboration, improves accuracy, enables easy document management and saves time and money throughout the entire process.

Improved Communication

  • All exchanges of mortgage instructions, amendments, communications and final reporting occur in real time, right from your desktop.
  • Milestone tracking eliminates the need for time-consuming follow-up for documents and progress of the transaction.

Document Management

  • Mortgage transactions can be totally paperless, because LLC provides storage, retrieval and archive capabilities.
  • Send and receive documents to and from LLC.
  • Access all data and manage all documents anytime.

Work Flow Efficiencies

  • Single point of contact for managing all lawyer/notary communications.
  • Eliminate faxing documents or following up by phone.
  • All parties receive immediate notification of amendments, by e-mail.
  • Access a file anytime, anywhere, even after it has been closed.
  • Full audit trail of all lender and lawyer/notary communications.

For more information regarding optional integration models available, please contact your Business Development Director.