Broker Tracker Enhancements

A Desktop Computer, Laptop, Tablet and Mobile Phone on a desk showing the enhancements to FCT\'s Broker Tracker, Text on image: FCT Broker Tracker, New Enhancements: Real-time alerts. Improved Communication. Broker support.

The FCT Broker Tracker platform first launched in 2019 to provide our broker partners with an efficient and effective way to stay on top of their deals.

In addition to keeping you up-to-date on the status of your deals in real-time, Broker Tracker also allows you to provide a more enhanced experience for your customer—because you are informed, you can keep them informed—and you can address their questions and concerns promptly and help to ease their minds while they wait for the closing to complete.

It features:

Broker Tracker Easy Enrolment Icon

Real-time Alerts

  • Real-time alerts:  receive email notifications and/or push notifications for new notes and milestones

Broker Tracker Improved Communication Icon

Improved Communication

  • Flexible: available for FCT-closed deals through our Platinum and Easy Close programs or solicitor instructed deals through our Managed Mortgage Solutions program (MMS)

Broker Tracker Broker Support Icon

Broker Support

  • Broker Support: access to service experts, handy FAQ and helper text

Take advantage of FCT Broker Tracker today online.

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