Lending Professionals

FCT provides title insurance, mortgage document processing and related services to a wide variety of lending institutions, including Canada’s top five banks.

Whether you are looking for individual services or a complete solution spanning the entire mortgage lifecycle, FCT can offer you an experience second to none.

For information on FCT’s products and services, please contact our dedicated team.


  • Residential Products and Solutions
    • Payout Services

      Payout Services is the answer to the industry wide problem of payouts and discharges. Our seamless payout solution means you’ll spend less time processing payouts…

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    • Residential Title Insurance

      In a nutshell, title insurance helps you reduce the risk you encounter on a daily basis as a lender. Home title insurance — commonly known as residential title insurance — provides you…

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    • Refinance Program

      This one-stop solution helps lenders complete refinancing or mortgage transfers easily and efficiently. We take care of all required searches, documentation, funding and reporting*, freeing you to focus on providing an outstanding…

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    • Managed Mortgage Solutions (MMS)

      MMS offers a single point of contact for instructing, communicating and funding during a mortgage transaction. On behalf of the lender, FCT: assembles mortgage instructions instructs the lawyer and manages communication and…

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    • Platinum Service Solution

      The Platinum Service program helps build your brand reputation and amplifies your business strengths, by allowing an alternate solution for closing a refinance or transfer. It features: Fast, seamless process – FCT…

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    • Broker Tracker

      Through this easy-to-use web portal and mobile app, brokers can track their deals, receive alerts and connect with our service experts—anytime, anywhere! In addition to that, our secure technology ensures that deal information stays protected…

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    • Lender Lawyer Connect (LLC)

      Developed in collaboration with lenders, lawyers and notaries, LLC® is an advanced web-based solution for managing mortgage documents online. This solution enhances collaboration, improves accuracy, enables easy document management and saves time…

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  • Commercial Products and Solutions
    • Commercial Title Insurance

      It eliminates the need for costly searches while satisfying the requirements of property owners and your lending needs. FCT enables your transactions to close on time by insuring over unknown and known…

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  • Valuation Solutions
    • A revolutionary approach to valuations in Canada

      The FCT Valuation Solutions suite of products and services modernizes the appraisal management process through a cascading model which interprets data in real time. This approach uses proprietary, data-driven, automated technology, and is coupled with the expertise of the best appraisers in the industry. Together, with our valued appraisal partners, we can provide lenders with optimal solutions for every level of qualifying parameter—ensuring they are getting the fastest, lowest risk, and most cost-effective appraisal…

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