Lender Lawyer Connect (LLC)

Lender Lawyer Connect (LLC) is a secure, easy-to-use, web-based platform that helps facilitate the instructing, processing, reporting, document handling, funding, and statement requesting for residential mortgages between legal professionals and lenders.

We developed LLC in collaboration with lenders, lawyers, and notaries. LLC streamlines mortgage processing, bringing key efficiencies to law firms nationwide.

Once logged into LLC, legal professionals can:

  • Access LLC mortgage instructions.
  • Connect with participating MMS lenders for instructing, communicating, and funding a mortgage transaction.
  • Request, process and receive payout statements online through the Payout Services portal.
  • Manage payouts for your real estate transaction quickly and effortlessly without leaving the office with EasyFund.

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Ready to start using the LLC Platform? Enrol today! Already enrolled in LLC and want to enable additional services? Connect with our support team at 1.877.929.0990 or LLCsupport@fct.ca.

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    The FCT Tracker app offers legal professionals an easy way to track the status of their residential title insurance, Managed Mortgage Solution (MMS) and Lender Lawyer Connect® (LLC®) deals on mobile or tablet devices.

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