Worry less. Close faster, with EasyFund from FCT

EasyFund lets you manage the payouts of your real estate transaction quickly and effortlessly without leaving the office.

In every residential real estate transaction, clients count on you for fast, secure and accurate closings. FCT understands the importance of efficiency, building customer relationships, operational effectiveness and trust. With those values in mind, we responded to a need brought forward from the legal community to provide greater efficiencies in the archaic practice of paper cheques delivered between offices during a real estate funding process.

EasyFund is a secure electronic portal that puts the lawyer in control of the funding every step of the way. It allows lawyers to transfer closing funds to one another without leaving their desks and is designed to reduce and eliminate the most frustrating tasks that add to the stress of closing on time.

Join the network of lawyers who already enjoy easier and faster closings with EasyFund. For more information, contact us today at 1.877.929.0990 or easyfund@fct.ca

EasyFund is available in Alberta and Nova Scotia.

EasyFund cost-savings calculator