Introducing the new Work Order – Gap Endorsement.

At FCT, we continue to look for unique solutions that offer our customers more protection. That’s why FCT is now offering more protection through the Work Order – Gap Endorsement on commercial policies.

Reduce the risk with more protection!

As part of the closing process, searches are conducted to determine if any work orders have been issued on a property. From the date you receive the search responses until the date of closing, there is a risk that a new work order could be issued that you and your client may be unaware of. The new Work Order – Gap Endorsement gives you added protection during that time period.

While we already include the government response endorsement on all policies to cover errors in received responses, this new endorsement provides added protection against the risk of a work order being issued between the receipt of a written search report and the closing of the transaction.

Specifically, the Work Order – Gap Endorsement provides coverage for loss or damage resulting from an unknown issuance of a work order, deficiency notice or notice of zoning bylaw violation prior to the Date of Policy following the receipt of a clear written search report*.

Effective today, the Work Order – Gap Endorsement will automatically be added to all owners’ policies and applicable loan policies, at no extra charge.

How does FCT Work Order Endorsements work on commercial loan policies?

Under $50 Million loan policies: the new Work Order – Gap Endorsement is not necessary as FCT’s Work Order Endorsement is issued automatically to provide coverage against loss or damage relating to work orders, deficiency notices or zoning by law violations without the requirement that searches be conducted.

Over $50 Million loan policies: FCT will issue the Work Order Endorsement if issuing guidelines are met**.  If not, we will issue the new Work Order – Gap Endorsement where applicable.

Choose the provider that can do more for you today.

When you choose FCT, you get more protection, more solutions and more experience. For additional information on this new endorsement, or to learn more about how FCT can further protect you and your clients, please contact your Business Development Manager or our Commercial Solutions underwriting experts.

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* Insured must conduct searches and receive clear written reports dated within thirty (30) daysof the Date of Policy. Coverage under this endorsement will be limited to the lesser of ten percent (10%) of the Amount of Insurance or One Million Dollars ($1,000,000.00).
** This endorsement may be issued depending upon the off-title responses received and the receipt of a statutory declaration from an officer of the borrower who has knowledge of the properties.

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