Time saving tips to get your title insurance policy faster

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As we ramp up for the spring market, we want to make sure we are prepared to deliver your title insurance policies on time so you can close with confidence. To speed up the process, here are some tips that will save you time when ordering and managing your FCT title insurance policies. Download the tip sheet and keep it handy as a helpful reminder.

  • Get your commercial deal in early.
    Avoid delay on the day of closing by starting an order for a commercial policy as soon as you have completed your title search, so we can underwrite the policy and be ready to issue it as soon as you provide the outstanding details.
  • Tell us when a new lawyer or law clerk joins your firm
    We will ensure they are added to our system promptly so they can start ordering immediately.
  • Don’t upload unrequested documents.
    Adding documents that are not requested will necessitate review by our underwriters and delay the issuance of the policy.
  • Don’t add unnecessary notes to your order.
    Any additional notes are reviewed as they could impact coverage. Refrain from adding unnecessary information to ensure faster processing. For example on your residential orders:

    • When answering “No” to “Is this property connected to municipal water and sewer services” there is no need to add “Need water and septic coverage” in the notes; we automatically add the coverage when “No” is selected.
    • Adding “The registered amount is $25,000 but client is only receiving $10,000” in the notes is not necessary. FCT is only looking for the registered amount to process the deal as we insure based on the registered amount.

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ROC 04/22

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