Extended Gap Coverage for commercial and residential transactions in Alberta at no additional cost during holidays.

Alberta Land Titles and Surveys Offices and the SPIN2 Help Desk will be closed to the public from Thursday, December 24, 2020 to Friday, January 1, 2021 inclusive.

In order to minimize the impact to your business and allow you to continue to close deals, FCT is pleased to offer you Extended Gap Coverage for your commercial and residential transactions at no additional cost during this time.

Simply follow these three steps to ensure you take advantage of FCT’s Extended Gap Coverage:

  1. Complete all closing documents and have executed by all parties;
  2. Ensure your title search is dated within 30 days of the closing date; and
  3. Order an FCT title insurance policy to protect against intervening registrations for both the lender and property owner.

Please note you must submit the documentation for registration within two business days of SPIN2 System resuming. Please also note that policies cannot be cancelled after registration has been completed.

Close with confidence

You may unconditionally advance mortgage funds and close your transaction even though the closing documents will not be registered that day.

FCT’s title insurance policy will provide protection for loss in the event that there is an intervening registration between the time the title search was conducted and the time at which closing documents are registered at the Land Titles Office.

For more information about Extended Gap Coverage or any other FCT product and services, please call us toll free:

Residential Solutions 1.866.804.3122

Commercial Solutions 1.866.804.3112

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