Covid-19 FAQ

Update as of: Friday, March 27, 2020

Frequently Asked Questions:

  1. Are FCT’s offices open?
    • FCT has been classified as an essential business by the Government of Ontario.
    • FCT’s offices are operating, but we have encouraged all employees to work from home, where possible.
    • We have implemented visitor restrictions and emergency visitors screening procedures. If you are planning to participate in an onsite meeting at one of FCT’s offices, please contact the FCT employee that invited you for instructions on how to gain entrance into the building.
  2. What is FCT doing to ensure safety of employees, customers and partners?
    • Instruct employees to adhere to health and government agencies directives including following respiratory etiquette and hand hygiene practices.
    • Restriction of non-essential domestic employee travel as per Canadian Government directives and complete restriction for international travel in line with the CDC’s recommendations.
    • Requiring all nonessential in-person meetings to be conducted virtually.
    • Employees must adhere to social distancing directives (including closure of public spaces within FCT’s offices).
    • More frequent office cleaning which includes disinfecting public spaces.
    • Instructed all employees to stay home if they are feeling ill or presenting symptoms in line with COVID-19, as well, if family members or close contacts have contracted the virus.
  3. Describe the current operational response strategies that mitigate the impact on your business?
    • We have enacted our Pandemic Response Plan and selective Business Continuity Plan procedures and remain focused on minimizing the potential impact on our business and delivering the highest quality of service to our customers.
    • This includes:
      • FCT already has a mature Business Continuity Management Program in place that was developed based on Industry Best Practices and Standards.
      • Business Continuity Plans are in place, updated and tested annually, covering the following scenarios; Pandemic / Mass Absentees, Cyber Attack, Loss of Site, Loss of Supplier/Service Provider, Loss of Technology, Loss of Staff.
      • Business Continuity Plan includes Pandemic Response specific plan, which is also in place, updated and tested annually.
      • FCT has a mature Business Continuity / Pandemic Response strategy that enables workload shifting between offices across Canada and most of the critical employees have ability to work-remotely with no impact to customers.

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